NEW CLIENTS:  I accept a limited number of new clients each quarter. I do this to maintain a good life balance and to ensure my clients get as much of my time as they need. It's always about quality, integrity and confidentiality. Also, I do not work with everyone. For those that would benefit more from someone else, I have an extensive referral network of coaches, therapist, trainers and consultants.

Here are my primary individual (one-on-one) programs which can for the most part be customized to suit you. 

Click here for the EXECUTIVE-focued programs

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[1] ABSOLUTE Alpha Coaching TM Program (AAC)

This program is for those who want an introductory coaching program,The AAC Program. This program is for those who are aware that they may have some obstacles preventing them from taking certain NECESSARY steps and would like help in identifying those obstacles and defining what needs to be done to achieve the desired end result.

The (typical1) AAC Program includes;

  • - I hour evaluation and design process
  • - Two 45 minute sessions per month
  • - Twelve E-Coaching email exchanges per month
  • - Additional material, handouts and /or assessments – specific to your needs

[2] ABSOLUTE Vantage Coaching TM Program  (AVC)

For the complete coaching package, I have the AVC Program. This power-packed program is designed for those who want to include strategic planning and application to their coaching process. Clients who take this program are usually highly focused on their goals and benefit from the continuing encouragement, guidance and validation through a series of steps (the ABSOLUTE Road Map).

The AVC Program works well for those who are fully aware of their obstacles and want to focus on eliminating them as soon as possible. Those who want to make changes NOW.

The (typical1) AVC Program includes;

  • - Fully-loaded design package (1 – 2 hours)
  • - Weekly 45 minute  sessions
  • - Unlimited “BOOSTER SHOT” sessions per month
  • - Unlimited E-Coaching email exchanges per month
  • - Additional material, handouts and /or assessments – specific to your needs

[3] ABSOLUTE E-Coach TM Program (AEC) 

The AEC Program allows you to communicate in your own time in much the same way as a phone session except the coaching comes via personalized e-mails with your specifically designed program providing feedback and recording progress.

This program is designed for those who prefer less structure for their coaching but still want the accountability that comes with having a coach.

The (typical1) AEC Program includes;

  • - One 45 minute initial phone design implementation session
  • - 8 E-Coaching email exchanges per month
  • - Additional material, handouts and /or assessments – specific to your needs

With this plan, you can decide on a month by month basis how long you wish to be e-coached.

[4] ABSOLUTE Booster Shot (TM) Coaching Program (ABS)

I developed a unique coaching program adapted to the trends and requirements of some clients. The ABS Program is designed as a “booster shot” session to be utilized as needed. This is usually AFTER I have established a relationship with a previous client and are already familiar with their goals.

This program is useful when you NEED IMMEDIATE help to :

  • Get rid of procrastination issues
  • Prepare for a presentation
  • Get rid of a fear
  • Get pumped up for an important appointment
  • Manage challenging employees
  •  Feel uplifted
  •  Feel relaxed

The “Booster Shot” program allows you to call up to 4 times a month for up to 20 minutes.  It is a quick, simple solution and same day appointments are often available!